North Creek Trail

Bothell to Everett, Washington

HWA performed a geotechnical feasibility review for linking existing segments of a planned 11-mile regional trail, connecting the Sammamish River Trail in Bothell, through the City of Mill Creek to the Interurban Trail in Everett, near McCollum Park.

 HWA conducted data review and alignment reconnaissance, and presented preliminary findings regarding soil conditions and geologic hazards along the trail corridor, conceptual geotechnical engineering conclusions and preliminary recommendations for earthwork, general location and potential impact of compressible soils, slope stability, allowable cut slopes, pavement sections, bridge foundations, and drainage considerations.

Subsequent to public input, HWA conducted a geotechnical investigation for design of a 1-mile segment involving extensive cuts and retaining walls adjacent to Fitzgerald Road in Bothell. HWA provided recommendations and cost comparisons of various retaining wall types, and performed engineering analyses for design of a soil-nail wall. Geotechnical investigation for a second segment through the North Creek Business Park was conducted the following year. Structural elements included two pedestrian bridges, a storm water detention vault, and a signal pole. Design of the two segments involves FHWA funding and environmental permit approval.

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